Men’s accessories are the factors that bring out the highlights and help the men’s outfit become perfect in the eyes of the beholder. As a modern gentleman, do you know how to choose the right accessories for you? Let Aspeney suggest the top 15+ indispensable accessories in your wardrobe!

What are men’s accessories? Is the modern gentleman getting it right?

In favor of strong style and personality, men’s clothing hardly has as many choices as women’s. Therefore, to highlight the gentleman’s class, men need to cleverly choose in combination with the necessary accessories.

Thought it was a familiar item, but many people were still confused about the accessories. Most are confusing the concept of accessories and outfits. Others think that accessories are cumbersome and meaningless.


In fact, men’s clothing only consists of tops, pants, and jackets. The rest of the things used to wear on the body are counted as accessories. It can be shoes, hats, watches, ties, belts, backpacks, briefcases, etc. The presence of beautiful men’s accessories is essential, especially for business people. Thanks to that, it helps men exude elegance, make a good impression and shine more confidently.

Top modern men’s accessories must have

Catching up with modern fashion trends, men’s accessories are likened to an indispensable spice, making a man’s appearance more attractive and attractive. These accessories will be the highlight for the overall outfit to become perfect.

Accessories for men under 25 years old

At the age of under 25, men should shape their style to gradually build a personal image. Do you want to pursue a romantic, dynamic or mature image? The fashion sense will speak for you. Of course, the following accessories will also be indispensable.

Crossbody bag

A crossbody bag is a must-have for every man in his wardrobe

Crossbody bags (or messenger bags) are fashion accessories that are of great interest to men under the age of 25. With a compact and convenient design, the crossbody bag deserves to become a must-have-item in the collection of elegant gentlemen’s accessories.

The special feature of this bag is that it is easy to coordinate and suitable for many different styles. The messenger bag is the final piece that makes the boys’ outfit perfect.

Leather belts

The high-quality leather belt is the highlight for the outfit to be more sophisticated and serious. That’s why investing in a belt is never wrong, especially when you’re looking to shape your style.

When choosing belts for men, choose black or brown to easily combine with many different outfits.

Leather belts – An indispensable accessory for men

Leather wallet – The most important men’s fashion accessory

Leather wallet is considered a male accessory symbolizing male class. Regardless of age, men should equip themselves with a high-quality leather wallet. Because this is not only an item that shows the style and temperament of men, but also affects the fortune, luck and prosperity of the owner.


Backpacks are an essential accessory for most people, not just men. You will need a backpack to store your belongings on trips, picnics or simply to use your laptop when you need to go out.


The collection of beautiful men’s accessories is definitely indispensable for active sports shoes.

Representing dynamism and confidence, sneakers are the next “value for money” accessory for men. Sneakers help you move flexibly, comfortably and suit all styles.


A cap will be a man’s must-have accessory in his daily wardrobe. The hat helps to block the sun and wind when going out, and also increases your coolness.

Combining a cap with a t-shirt, shorts, backpack and sneaker is the perfect choice for a long active day.



Not only handy for listening to music or needing to communicate, headphones are also a very cool fashion accessory for men. Equipping an earphone or bluetooth will help you become more classy in the eyes of others.


Seemingly unrelated, but today keychains are used as a cool fashion accessory. Keychains are often attached to the waist position, which is a special highlight on the outfit.

Accessories for men from 25 to 35 years old

At a more mature age, men need a mature and elegant style. The accessories for men that Aspeney suggests below will help you do this.

Briefcase – Modern business accessory

Considered as a symbol of courtesy and elegance, the briefcase is the perfect choice for meetings with partners, customers or important events. This is a masculine accessory, suitable for both office or streetstyle environments.

High-end fountain pen – Men’s accessory that symbolizes success


Bringing class and fashion, pens are indispensable accessories for men. In particular, for business people and leaders, high-end pens help raise the value, bring respect and respect to the owners.

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Mini card wallet

If you need a wallet that is thin and light but still elegant enough to hold cards and business cards, the mini card wallet is the right choice. The compact and convenient wallet helps to bring out a luxurious and high-class style.


Western shoes

As a good assistant for important events, western shoes are a must-have accessory for any modern gentleman. High-quality shoes help you to be more confident and thoughtful in communicating with people.


Watches are a serious investment for the modern gentleman. This is a symbol of punctuality and respect for others. You can choose a metal watch or a leather strap depending on the style you want to pursue.



Sunglasses are a unique men’s fashion accessory that men should not ignore. You will become more fashionable, classy and cool if you combine your outfit with sunglasses. Especially suitable for travel, business, outdoor activities, …


Mature, neat and tidy, the tie is a male accessory marking maturity. This is a familiar accessory for businessmen and leaders, showing the seriousness and elegance of a true gentleman.



As an important accessory to help create a leader style, a notebook is also one of the indispensable items that men must own. High-class notebooks are considered as a symbol of success, adorning temperament, bravery and leadership talent.

Above are the top 15+ men’s accessories suggested by Aspeney to help you become more elegant. With these items, cleverly combine them and build yourself a great style, boys!

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